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A place were Alumni can share information with former members. In celebration of 30 years, we would love to hear your stories and memories of ACC to share with others. Click here to share your memories.


Alumni Testimonies

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Scott Jarrell  

I was a member of the University of Charleston Children’s Choir (UCCC) before it blossomed into what is now known as ACC.  I participated in the choir for two years, from 1993-1995, and established a musical foundation that I still rely on today.  Since my time in the choir, I have acted in many shows with the Charleston Light Opera Guild, participated in the Marshall University Chamber Choir, and performed with the West Virginia Symphony Chorus.  All of this experience has shown me that my training in UCCC focused on so much more than being able to sing the notes on a page.  The choir taught me about teamwork – how to work together as a choir to blend and make beautiful music at any age.  It also taught me that being part of a group – especially one as good as UCCC or ACC – can be much more rewarding than anything done individually.  Musically, of course, it provided me with a solid foundation on which I have continued to learn and build upon as I’ve grown older.  Without my experience with UCCC and under Selina’s direction, I truly don’t think I would have experienced half of what I have today.


I am currently working at Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) in the Marketing & Public Affairs office as a Media Buyer / Account Coordinator.  I have been in this position for almost two years now, but have worked in the Marketing field for the past 10 years.  I often rely on the teamwork aspect of my UCCC experience when dealing with my coworkers on specific creative campaigns and events for CAMC.  It’s amazing to think that a couple of years in a wonderful musical environment could prepare you for so many things in the future – and that’s exactly what UCCC has done for me.  What was once a place of sincere joy and happiness is now an experience I often remember with a smile on my face.  UCCC – and Selina – will always hold a special place in my heart and both deserve  recognition and appreciation for helping me become what I am today.

Ann Gibeaut Lockard  

For me, being a part of the Appalachian Children’s Chorus was one of the greatest childhood opportunities I had. From singing in the Nutcracker, to the Opera Carmen with the WV Symphony, to going on an once-in-a-lifetime trip to England to be a part of the 1999 International Children’s Choir Festival, I cannot sing the praises of ACC enough! 


More than just music, ACC is an unparalleled opportunity for young people in West Virginia to be a part of.  Many of the lessons I learned in ACC, such as self-discipline and teamwork, have enhanced my life and professional career into adulthood.  I am now a supervisor at HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions and am married with two children, Kerrigan and Samuel. 


Since my time in ACC, I have graduated from Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College with my Associates in Arts and am currently a student at Marshall University.  I wax nostalgic on my years in ACC and hope that so many more children receive the gift which is participating, learning, and growing under Mrs. Midkiff’s guidance.  

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