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Cayce and Maggie
group pic 6
Concert choir_in front of Capitol
at WV Music Hall of Fame ceremony
At WV Public Radio
On Senate Floor_edited
Group singing on Senate floor
Concert Choir with Selina at festival of song_edit
At St Peters Basilica after performing
group in Pisa
San Marco_after singing for mass_edit
  Concert Choir    

For children in grades six through 12th.


Concert Choir is the top choir in ACC and they are the touring choir. When children reach this level, they have demonstrated the ability to sing in two, three and four parts. Good vocal technique is stressed and sight singing is taught. Small group vocal coaching is provided for children in this choir. Continued sight singing and music theory skills are taught. The children will sing in several different languages.


The children have earned the level of experience and training to handle a more demanding schedule. They also have more performances other than the ACC concerts. Along with a more demanding schedule and longer rehearsals, comes the benefit of having the most extraordinary opportunities like world travel, singing for presidents and governors and appearing on national television shows.


Most children graduate to this choir. Very seldom will children be taken straight into this choir from the public without first having some training at a lower level in ACC.


A pre-season retreat is required for participation in this choir. It usually takes place the second weekend in August. The retreat is used to bond and unify the children when new members move up from Camerata, from our satellite choirs or join from the public.


This choir is also expected to participate in ACC's Appalachian Festival of Young Voices. The next festival will be held in June 2024.


Director: Chris Brown



Assistant: Bobbi Jo Chapman


Tuition:  $550 for the season

Retreat fee:  $140

Rehearsal Schedule

Day & Time:   Tuesday – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Location:        Southeast Church of the Nazarene


Saturday Rehearsals- Once a month from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm


Note: The dates for Saturday rehearsals are set at the beginning of every season and sometimes will coincide with other activities occurring on the same day.

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