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Tuition & Payments

Payment Information

The actual cost for each student participating in ACC is approximately $2,500. However, thanks to the fundraising efforts of staff, the Board of Directors and ACC families, we are able to keep tuition as low as possible. Please see below for tuition and payment arrangements.

Tuition Fees for the Full Season (2023-2024):

$550 - Concert

$475 - Cambiata

$450 - Camerata

$350 - Canzona

Tuition Fees for the Spring Semester (2024):

$275 - Concert

$238 - Cambiata

$225 - Camerata

$175 - Canzona


For those with more than one child in ACC:

The oldest child pays full tuition. The second child is half price, and the third child is $50. This applies to all the choirs except Canzona.  Chorister must be in the choir for the entire year for discount.

Pay $50 Registration deposit:

If you do not know your balance or wish to discuss your account, please call our office at 304-343-1111.

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