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The ACC choirs provide a positive learning experience for our choristers, one they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.  Choristers learn the meaning of "commitment" and "responsibility".  They feel a sense of pride at being in this very special choral organization with a high level of personal and artistic expectation.  We teach choristers to take their membership seriously.  They are part of a team with each member playing a vital level of importance. 

  Join ACC   


Enrollment in ACC is for the entire season, which begins in late August and continues through May. Each member is expected to remain active and committed to the program for the entire season. 

For questions about enrolling your child, contact the ACC office at 343‑1111 or email Artistic Director, Chris Brown, at Even if we are not currently enrolling, call to place your name on our mailing list for when enrollment opens.


Prior music training is NOT required.  ACC welcomes children of all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds regardless of physical disabilities. 

 Enrollment Application 

Click on the file to download the packet.

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